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St Barth

St. Barthelemy or St. Barts, near St Martin, is a great Caribbean yacht charter location, which has recently been growing in popularity - particularly for luxury yachts. St. Barts' popularity for yacht charters is due in part to its convenient location - roughly midway between the two major sailing centres of Antigua and the Virgin Islands and in part to its fourteen lovely beaches and excellent cruising potential. Another incentive is its sheer exotic beauty, made up by the island's steep and dramatic hills, and its dramatic landscape of picturesque villages and broad valleys. The island is surrounded by coral reefs, sparkling 'gin-clear' waters, and blue-green lagoons. The natural beauty of the location supplements the great harbour, which helps make St. Barts a favourite retreat for luxury yachts and the rich and famous. Renowned for its natural beauty, St Barts rewards travellers with delicious cuisine and chic boutiques, all of which can be enjoyed in a soothing exotic ambiance. Although small in size, its refined French atmosphere and culture make for an exciting destination only few of the larger islands can measure up to.