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Prepare yourself to get carried away by the eye-opening beauty of Italy's magnificent scenery and eclectic landscape. History meets fashion in the most unexpected ways, inviting the visitor to choose from endless possibilities as to where to drop the anchor. From its dramatic coastlines to its dazzling scenery and mouth-watering dining, Italy has it all. Heiress of the Roman Empire, the boot-shaped country has kept up with its tradition of excellence, and its beauty resonates throughout its territory: from the glamorous Riviera, to the breathtaking natural gem of the Cinque Terre, by way of the endlessly romantic Capri and the neighbouring Amalfi Coast, not to forget the stunning grace of the Aeolian Islands. Wherever you decide to go, Italy effortlessly delivers pleasures for the eye and mind alike. A quintessential example of its unique cultural potential is Napoleon Bonaparte's Villa dei Mulini, located on Tuscany's Island of Elba.