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Surrounded by mesmerizing secrecy, the islands under the wind are a paradise of atolls, lagoons and turquoise waters. The unique land of black pearls and sensual wahines, whose beauty was described by Jacques Brel's famous poems. The thousands of fish swimming the transparent waters will seduce you with their flamboyant palettes of colours and shapes.
The local sea's utter beauty could well have been the result of creator in love. A subtle smell of vanilla floats in the air and meshes with the frangipani, reaching the boat's deck. There, the passengers can't resist the temptation of the blue lagoons' immaculate white sand. Before dusk, as the sun prepares to set into the perfect sea, enchanted by the intoxicating fragrance of flowers, one couldn't find more exquisite spot to enjoy a cocktail of tropical fruits bought the very same day at the Marquises harbour.